Client testimonial

« Nous utilisons Europresse au quotidien pour réaliser des panoramas de presse, mais également comme outil d’alerte sur certaines thématiques et pour la recherche ponctuelle d’articles. Nous apprécions la richesse des sources disponibles, l’interface de recherche intuitive mais également l’interactivité avec une société à taille humaine, à l’écoute du besoin de ses clients. »

Gilles Bonabeau – Responsable Information et Veille du Pôle Etudes Economiques Groupe
Crédit Agricole SA


01 Respond to
in-house information
in a timely manner

  • Access today’s news and archived information
  • Cut through the junk to quickly find reliable, meaningful information
  • Easily browse large quantities of information not accessible with free tools
  • Search when and how you want
  • Keep your colleagues in the know and speed up their response time
Respond to <br />
in-house information <br />
requests <br />
in a timely manner How to search better ?

02 Stay up on
the latest news

  • Monitor all media outlets from a single platform
  • Become the eyes and ears of your organization
  • Focus your monitoring efforts on reliable sources
  • Stay informed 24/7 with email alerts
  • Get personalized support setting up and refining your searches

03 Share

  • Send out press releases on the spot
  • Organize information to play up strategic points
  • Share important information without infringing on copyright
  • Make your colleagues’ lives easier
Share <br />
information <br />
effectively How to share better ?