01 Provide exclusive access to information

  • Make information available to the entire community
  • Give your audience the bigger news picture
  • Access over 14,000 sources of information (regional, national, and international publications of a general or specialized nature, websites, biographies, etc.)
  • Leverage content exclusive to Europresse (Le Monde, etc.)
  • Make your library a “third place”—a community-oriented public space
  • Provide a reading platform that works on many devices
Provide exclusive access to information

02 Offer an effective search and reading tool

  • Browse millions of documents updated daily as well as decades of archives
  • Make news available in PDF as printed or in full text
  • Harness a powerful search tool to quickly find articles
  • Search all media from a single bilingual, intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Access Europresse from an office computer, tablet, or smartphone

03 Choose a solution tailored to your needs

  • Provide continuous access from your institution or remotely via your library’s portal
  • Promote the use of Europresse with our communication tools (posters, bookmarks, tutorials, training, etc.)
  • Enjoy a flat annual rate with no extra costs
  • Track usage over time to guide your procurement policies and promote the service
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