Client testimonial

« We have been using Europresse solution for two years now. We are very happy with this service as the new interface 360° allows developed search. In high schools, students and staff access it via documentation and learning center sites (CDI or E-sidoc). They use Europresse for their work (group assignments, oral presentations) but also to get informed and have fun (diverse sources available online including Le Monde)».

Mathilde Vendé & Violette Hollocou – Teachers and documentalists
Henri Wallon High School

01 Get 
exclusive access 
to information

  • Get your students familiar with literature search
  • Give an enlarged vision of news in accordance with the French law on Media and Information Literacy (EMI)
  • Enjoy exclusively the contents of Le Monde and its archives going back to 1944
  • Access thousands of information sources (national, regional and international press of a general or specialized nature, websites, biographies etc.)
  • Offer a reading platform that works on many devices
Get <br />
exclusive access <br />
to information

02 Offer 
an effective search 
and reading tool

  • Search all media from a single bilingual, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Enjoy a powerful and user-friendly search tool suitable for school environment
  • Read millions of daily updated documents and decades of archives
  • Visualize, print and download without limitation
  • Offer press in full text and in PDF format as it is published

03 Grant 
a user-friendly share 
of information

  • Provide teachers with a tool combining digital technologies and didactic content
  • Make it easy for teachers and students to share files and documents
  • Provide students with tools to broaden the knowledge developed in classes
  • Use the feature Zotero directly in Europresse

04 Choose 
a solution 
tailored to your needs

  • Provide continuous access from within your institution or remotely via your portal
  • Bring a solution that is recognized of educational interest by the French Ministry of Education since 2012
  • Promote the use of Europresse with our communication tools (posters, bookmarks, tutorials, training, etc.)
  • Track usage over time to guide your procurement policies
  • Benefit from rates according to your institution type

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